Monday, November 17, 2008

Seth's Talk in Monterrey, Mexico

Seth has been participating in an astronomy conference, RNAA 2008, in Monterrey, Mexico. You can listen to his talk by visiting our Spanish language partner, RadioKosmos, and clicking on the AudioBlog link on the right. Then select RNAA 2008. Seth's talk is being translated into Spanish as he goes along. You can also find Are We Alone? episodes partially translated into Spanish in the audioblog.

View photos of the event, including some of Seth, by visiting and clicking on "fotos de la XIX Reunion de Aficionados a la Astronomia..."

Thanks to Lourdes Cahuich for all her work with our show and Seth's visit!

Hey, baby, got a light?

Yes, even babies were fair game in the cigarette advertisments of the 1950s. Oh, and this man isn't really a doctor. But - hey - anything goes when it comes to peddling tobacco.
Find out how cigarette companies manipulated images and twisted the truth to get Americans to light up.

Kinoki Pads: Withdrawing Toxins or Just Your Money?

Our Hollywood Skeptic turns guinea pig as he tests the claims of body-purifying Kinoki pads.

"No amount of Kinoki pads would have a chance cleaning out the Super-Fund site inside my body."

Find out if he's right: "Skeptical Sunday: I'll Buy That!"

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Expensive Rubber Suit

It seems that a rubber suit stuffed with dead animal carcasses has just been sold on E-bay for a quarter of a million dollars. This isn’t just any rubber suit of course, but the one that was touted as being the body of a Bigfoot back in August of this year.

According to the descriptive copy on E-bay some of these monies will go to settle various lawsuits that have burgeoned in connection with this, one of the most egregious frauds of 2008. None, apparently, will go to the perpetrators.

“Are We Alone?” was at the now-infamous press conference at which the Bigfoot body was announced. Be sure to check out what we heard, and what various people involved with this bizarre affair (including the man who made the quarter-million dollar costume) have to say on our August 25 show, which you can find by scrolling down here.

- Seth Shostak