Monday, April 6, 2009

Seth on

Seth discusses SETI, skepticism, close encounters, building his first telescope, the Allen Telescope Array, and other detection methods on with Blaise Zerega.


Futurist said...

Is this limited to U.S. residents only like Hulu? I went to the main site and the player loads but not the videos.

Coutelier said...

I get it in the UK just fine.

Also, if there's one thing that's certain to lead to the Earth being destroyed by ET it's them receiving our World Wide Web, around 40% of which consists of spam messages (only 1% is actually porn... although that's still a lot when you consider how much is Natural History or Astrobiology or engraving etc).

On a serious note, wouldn't sending a load of stuff in a variety of different languages simply confuse the aliens? Maybe some discussion should be had over which of our Earth languages should be used for making contact.

Lou said...

Great interview, many thanks for sharing!

Blows me away to think SETI is entirely privately funded! I'd pay a gilder per year. Heck, I'd pay 100 gilders per year (but only if everyone else had to). :-)

Chris said...

Perhaps ET will love the porn. They could take it as comedy or just be totally bored with it.

Futurist- I got & i'm in the uk.