Friday, January 30, 2009

AWA Celebrates IYA!

The International Year of Astronomy is underway, and Are We Alone? will be dedicating program segments, blog entries, and sometimes entire shows to celebrate! Tune in, log on, and space out by listening to the show, visiting this very blog, or checking out the Are We Alone? webpage dedicated to the International Year of Astronomy. There are less than 12 months left before its over. Don't miss it!


Anonymous said...

I've used the microObservatory. It's cool and I've recommended it to all my students.

Coutelier said...

You know what I've always wanted to know... well always since this morning. I'm not an astronomer so bear with me... I wanted to be but unfortunately we could just never go anywhere with good light (or good lack of light really) Why is Jupiter's great red spot red? I mean why is it not the same color as the clouds around it... I don't know why I started wondering about that today.