Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Check your Babbage

Charles Babbage created Difference Engine Number 2 in the mid 19th century. Created on paper, that is. He never got to see his creation completed, as it wasn't actually built until the early 1990's. In 2008, a second working Difference Engine Number 2 was installed at the Mountain View Computer History Museum, and is pictured above, top, in detail, and above, bottom, with human Molly Bentley. Hear more about Seth and Molly's trip to the Computer History Museum on this week's show.


terrence said...

What a terrific usual..sheer perfection.The photo of Molly on the blog page...she has such a startled look you would think the machine had just given her the complete theory of everything!.Fancy calling Molly "a human".Dont we all know shes really a little angel sent from Heaven to give us all this brilliant information!.Well done a terrific show.

otcclass2008 said...

Ever since I found this place about a year ago I have been trying to do my best to not only listen to the new podcasts but also the archies and they are always very informative and enlightening. Please do keep up the good work and hope you can keep going with the podcasts.. Thanks ever so much :)