Monday, December 21, 2009

A Very Special 'Are We Alone'

A massive black hole lies at the center of our galaxy, a monster hunkered down in the Milky Way’s innermost sanctum. Here, the bizarre laws of General Relativity take over, as the physics we know break down. And our spaceship is headed straight for it.

Join us on a special dramatized 26,000 light-year adventure to the Galaxy’s hulking heart of darkness. We explore a cosmos held together by gravity – discover why it’s not really a force – and try to avoid getting too close to a black hole, the ultimate expression of gravity.

This program is part of the traveling exhibit: “Black Holes, Space Warps and Time Twists,” a production of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Find out more at:

Seth Shostak - himself
Molly Bentley - herself, Dr. Barsky
Doug Vakoch - News Anchor
Roland Pease - Dr. Childschwartz
Lilia Roman - SOPHIA
Roe DeVasto - Ship Computer
Patrick Porter - Dr. G
Gary Niederhoff - DAN, Albert Einstein, Dr. Dutch


Anonymous said...

I love the show and have listened to all of them for about the past two years. This particular show (Journey to a Black Hole) was awful. Easily the worst "Are We Alone" I've ever listened to. I kept waiting for the dramatization to end but it went the whole duration of the show. I normally look forward to the show each Monday but this week I felt jipped.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this! I hope that the AWA crew make some more episodes like this one - there is a universe full of possible topics!

Ashish said...

This show was brilliant.Period. I just recently discovered your shows and I'm a big fan already. Have been recommending to friend's and family ever since.

DM said...
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Ben said...

This was one of my all time favorite episodes of AWA. Very unique and entertaining. Great job everyone!

Ternple said...

Thanks AWA. Fun episode!

Coutelier said...

SOPHIA... Nooooooooo!!!

She may have just been a hologram, but of all the souls in this dramatisation about Black Holes hers was the most... human (sniff)

terrence said...

This show is brilliant all the "actors" should be nominated for radio oscars!.After recovering from a nasty bout of flu this is just what i needed to bring me back to planet earth amongst the living!.I thought Garys Dr.Einstien verged on the very edge of brilliance,you would never guess he is a Pink Flloyd fan!.Well done you guys exellent.

Anonymous said...

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