Friday, April 25, 2008

Disappointed to find life?

MIT's Technology Review magazine just published a provocative article by Nick Bostrum, who appeared on our show in August 2007 (Seth's Basement). He gives reasons why he would rather that SETI was unsuccessful, even though he still supports exploration and research. Our Formula One: The Drake Equation show is included with the online article (see the sidebar on the first page).

We, of course, are very much in favor of finding alien life. Perhaps we should bring Nick back for a debate with Seth!


Zaius said...
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RRRGroup said...


What is baffling to me (and a few others) is why some persons don't want SETI to continue or go forward, when it is one purposeful way to search for alien life in the Universe.

SETI doesn't disallow others to pursue their "search" for alien life, via UFO research or exobiological thrusts, et cetera.

There is a kind of fascistic taint among those who should be more tolerant and/or open-minded when it comes to SETI and other intellectual/scientific pursuits.

Rich Reynolds