Friday, April 11, 2008

Nerds Show

I can't believe that Seth's nerd score was lower than mine. Although he did add to my physics joke, so maybe we are tied.

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ngc457 said...

Very interesting show! Some thoughts:

Would Seth still be proud to call himself a nerd if he actually looked like the stereotypical nerd?

Irony: due to a long-term illness, I look like the stereotypical nerd, but with a measured IQ of 87, I cannot claim to be one! Imagine that - all of the insults but none of the geek glory...

Your nerd score goes way up if you talk about a movie with friends after viewing it? Hmmmmmm... I guess it really depends how you talk about it (e.g. if you said, "Did you see that part where... that was so gross, man!" would that still increase your nerd score?) and can I include Teen Wolf 2 as one of the "reviewed" movies?